Performance Summary 2020

Key Stage 4

Progress 8 Score = +0.22

Attainment 8 score = 49.05

We have achieved some fantastic results this year with our basics measure achieving in line with our best historic outcomes.

Comparing against previous years shows a clear improvement from 12 months ago. We are proud of this achievement and feel strongly that this trend is sustainable and will continue.

4-9 Basics70%66%59%72%
5-9 Basics53%42%31%46%
7-9 Basics11%9%6%12%

Kay Stage 5

Our Key Stage 5 results showcase the excellent effort that our Year 13 students consistently worked at throughout their level 3 courses.

A*- E100%100%91.79%99%
A*- A17%12%10.2%28%
A* – B (Merit)50%45%40%57%

Once again, our vocational options performed extremely well with the vast majority of students achieving a Merit or more in these options.

We have had an incredible number of students achieve the top grades this year and have detailed these in the results page. These students deserve their university and higher apprenticeship places, we are confident they will go from strength to strength in these top FE locations.

We wish our Year 11’s and 13’s all the bets for the future and despite the challenges we have been incredibly impressed with their fortitude and resilience throughout.